In case you need to acquire new printers, it can be tough to know which one suits your needs due to the many models out there. To avoid regretting your purchase, consider these tips to direct you to the best home printer.


Stay in the budget. The cost of printers differs a lot. You should not spend what you can afford. However, the question of budgeting for printers runs beyond its upfront cost. You should check the ongoing cost of replacing ink. It is common for cheap printers to have the most expensive ink. Before you purchase the widely bought printers, research online. Ensure the cost of replacing cartridges matches that of other models of the same price. Also, check if you can refill the cartridges and if your printers can use third-party ink cartridges. Beware that utilizing unapproved ink cartridges can void your warranty.


Factor in the type of ink. There are three major ink cartridge configurations; two ink cartridges, four ink cartridges, and inkwells cartridges. Among the three, inkwells are the most economical over time as they draw ink from big refillable wells and a single refill prints a huge volume of pages. You can also consider laser printers which utilize toner instead of ink and produce sharper edges as well as crisper images compared to their ink counterparts. The right configuration relies on how you intend to utilize your printers. If you will print many text documents with few colors, consider two-cartridge printers. If you require professional-grade color printouts, consider laser printers and if you are a regular user, choose CMYK or inkwell printers.


Consider print quality of the best laser printer. Even though laser printers stand out in terms of quality, they are expensive to acquire and have huge running costs. If you are a home user, inkjet printers are a great choice. However, the quality of printout differs a lot among inkjet printers. Many things determine print quality like ink quality, printhead design, and the printer’s driver. However, the printer’s dots per ink is the major spec you should check as it indicates how precisely printers can duplicate the pixels of the source image.


Look at the print speed. You can be impatient with printers that generate documents at the speed of a snail. If you often print documents with many pages, print speed will be a crucial factor to factor into your purchase decision. The printer speed is measured in PPM. Printers have different pages per minute speed for pages of images and pages for texts. You can check the PPM of printers at the box. Learn more about photocopiers here: